How to open a bottle of wine – without a corkscrew

Have you ever been in the situation where you’d like to open a bottle of wine but you can’t get hold of a corkscrew for love nor money?

Well I have and I always used to try to force the cork INTO the bottle. Until I picked up this rather nifty trick.


  • M Klein

    …for love NOR money…

    • mirabeauwine

      Noted and modified. Thanks for pointing it out. Stephen

      • Mr Pedant

        If we are going to be pedantic, then it should be “situation in which” and “neither love nor money”.

  • Mary W

    Oh my god I love you forever for this! You win the Internet.

    • mirabeauwine

      Am blushing. Glad you enjoyed it! Stephen

    • mirabeauwine

      Thanks! It was fun making it. The problem is I’m on the wagon and not even drinking this month!

      • dorothee

        you can just bring others joy this month!

        • mirabeauwine

          Oops. I just fell off the wagon. Well, it’s a Friday and it’s been a tough week etc etc ;-)

      • Deb K.

        *this month*…cracked me up!

        • mirabeauwine

          I’m actually having a glass of wine at the moment. It was a short month…

          • GuuciChanelFan

            Excellent condition

          • mirabeauwine

            I’ve been opening quite a few old Moutons over the past few years (in fact there is a video of me decanting a 1987 on this site). If you like old Bordeaux, then open it and enjoy it. But it a very ‘acquired taste’ for old wines like that and if it was mine, I’d probably sell it AND THEN spend the money on other wines, more likely to give me pleasure!

          • wjcheney

            I can’t argue that logic.

          • DCAustin

            I have a dozen or two old Bordeaux (good quality) that are almost 15 years old. Have 2 questions:

            1 – Do I need to be specific about the year and label to get advice on whether it is better to sell now or wait? The wine has been stored in a good wine cellar all the time so should be in excellent condition.

            2 – I am in Washington D.C. and not a wine professional, where is the best place to sell old Bordeaux at a market price?

      • GuuciChanelFan

        Do you know much about wine as I have a bottle I need more info on!

        • mirabeauwine

          Try me…

        • GuuciChanelFan

          It’s a 1966 Chateau Mouton Rothschild

          • mirabeauwine

            I’ve not tried it myself, and it’s not a renowned vintage, but it’s a €200 bottle of wine so pretty special. You could check out some of the tasting notes on-line. It really depends if it’s been stored well….

          • GuuciChanelFan

            Was offered a $1000

          • mirabeauwine

            Take it…

          • Mikkel

            do not sell ! its going to double in price within 2 years !

          • GuuciChanelFan

            Really Mikkel, how would you know that!

        • GuuciChanelFan

          Ci # 048788

    • mirabeauwine

      [Stephen] blushes. Thanks :0)

    • mirabeauwine

      After over 280 comments on my video, your is still my favourite!

  • Ca JeffO

    Who figured this out? ….was it the man in the video?

    • mirabeauwine

      I picked it up from a friend. And it is a superior method to the rather cruder ‘toothbrush’ method!

      • Lindsey

        Have you opened all different kinds of wine with this method or just bubbly wines? I am envisioning the women in stilettos breaking their heels trying this!

  • Alison Moffatt

    Hope those are Churches shoes! You are still as gorgeous as ever, big love from Saxtead, so hoping to see you this year! xxxx

    • mirabeauwine

      Natch… ;-)

  • Sapientum

    That may be OK for white or rose but with red this method disturbs any sediment which is now thoroughly mixed with the wine and you have to leave it to stand for 48 hours while it all settles back to the bottom of the bottle. Quicker to find a corkscrew.

    • mirabeauwine

      I picked a young red. No sediment. But good point anyway – esp with the 48 hour figure. Most people don’t know this. Thanks for the comment. Stephen

      • PeterMc

        If I am that desperate for wine that I need to use this methodology I wouldn’t be too bothered about some sediment. Great tip.

        • mirabeauwine


        • sadsultan

          I second and third this remark. Bravo!

    • Dennis

      Saying that this method won’t work for red is totally inaccurate.The percentage of reds that have significant sediment in them is very small. With the exception of a few, most bottles that are within the last few years and haven’t been cellared for long have little or no sediment at all. If you’re opening up an older bottle you have been saving then I’m sure you’ll take the time to find a corkscrew, but 95% of the bottles of red consumed won’t have this issue at all.

      • mirabeauwine

        You’re spot-on Dennis. The vast majority of reds these days are made to be consumed on the same day of purchase!

        • James

          But he says if you have a good bottle of wine and no corkscrew….a good bottle of wine is likely to have sediment! :)

          • mirabeauwine

            Most red wines don’t have sediment. Unless around 10 years or older. I would never recommend opening a really special bottle of wine like this. If you keep a wine that long you probably have a corkscrew in the house!

          • joy13

            Why would you say that? Good Vintners are good at filtering them.

        • David Levine

          I have a few bottles of 8 year old red wine, and on a recent wine buying trip to a local wine making region, bought some 7 year red wine closeouts. Both have a fair amount of sediment. Worse, the sediment is just inside the cork. I like the wines, and filtering seems to have a negative effect on the flavor, so I am just tolerating the sediment.

    • Santosca77

      True, but when you’re on a picnic on the beach or in the woods and this is your only option it’s brilliant.

      • mirabeauwine

        This works well against a tree too!

      • barclay

        don’t think U go pic nic en with out an opener,tool box small screw driver or hole punch. in the woods a tree would do,on beach bro in law.

        • Huck Finn

          On The Beach! Find a Rock Outcrop or a a piece of Driftwood small enough to hold the bottle sideways!! carefully thump against the bottom of the bottle!! If you have your shoe that is!!

    • Nick Gilbert

      I don’t think I’ve ever had any sediment in any bottle of red wine I’ve opened – even with older bottles… Perhaps in some 20 year old port, but the chances of there being sediment in a recent bottle of red bottled in the last few weeks (which accounts for nearly all wine sold) is negligible.

      • mirabeauwine

        Spot-on Nick. Have a great weekend, Stephen

    • CebinMendel

      no mather, just drink it…

    • Caesar the Pleaser

      Use a decanter or pour patiently so the neck of the bottle catches the sediment as its designed to.

    • otso

      If sediment becomes a problem there is another solution for that: A sock used as filter.

      • Chaz

        Ladies silk stockings are traditionally more appropriate, also works if you use the D’artagnan approach and snap the top of the bottle off with your rapier.

    • yampaw

      Since you already have your shoe off, simply remove your sock and filter your wine through it.

  • Jonny Goldie

    Absolutely fantastic due to the reward at the end! Quite amused by the (seemingly mandatory these days) disclaimer statement at the end. Please drink irresponsibly.

    • mirabeauwine

      Love your comment. Stephen

  • Leslie Hirt

    Nice to know if I ever forget my corkscrew. Fortunately I’m never without one. It’s the wine I can no longer afford!

    • mirabeauwine

      That’s sad. A corkscrew without wine is like…a cheeseboard without cheese (that was the best I could think of!).

      • Shellie Meyers

        A corkscrew without wine is like having auto insurance and no car.

        • Patricia Hadley

          …or, wine without a corkscrew and bare feet!

          • mirabeauwine

            LOL! :-)

  • Gemma Mcdougall

    i love this, it makes me want to go buy a bottle to try it :)

    • mirabeauwine

      Yehaa! I wish you would ;-)

  • Vicki Connell

    Great idea. Thanks for the sediment info.

  • skip

    apparently this fellow has never been to my home town where there’s more alcoholics than alcohol. we just used out fingers to push the cork into the bottle then put your finger over the end and turn upside down and the cork floats… done. if they ever caught you taking a chance on breaking a bottle of booz they would bust your nose.

  • Tom

    Yeah.. but.. ahhhh – What does it do to the wineeeeee mannnnnnnn!

    • mirabeauwine

      It pumps lots of air around it but it soon dies down. Leave it 5 minutes and you’re good to go.

      • Terry

        Not a problem. You probably want to aerate a young wine in any event.

  • Lisa L

    That is truly awesome, you’ve made me v v happy with this helpful tip, I salute you and thank you for sharing!!

    • mirabeauwine

      Thanks for the lovely comment :0)

  • mom2doubles

    AHHHH-MAZING!!!! Gonna try this with my next bottle! Brilliant!!!!

    • mirabeauwine

      Just don’t bang too hard! It takes quite a few bangs, so be patient! And then you need to wait a few minutes for the wine to settle (it gets a little bubbly!)

  • DublinIreland

    I hammered a cork into a bottle last week with a screwdriver and hammer because the Waiter’s Corkscrew wouldn’t work on this particular cork. A very long cork. Is that unusual? I sure could have used this tip. Thanks.

    • Dennis

      Yes that’s unusual. A common 2 lever waiters cork screw will open any bottle. If the bottle has a very long cork like many higher end bottles do, you just have to dig the cork screw in a bit further.

      • mirabeauwine

        Again I agree with Dennis. Unless the waiters cork screw ripped the cork (which happened to me last week with a 63 Grahams port!) they usually get all corks out. But in my view, for home use, the worm screwpull-type corks screws which piece through the bottom of the cork and bring it out with even pressure are the best.

      • DublinIreland

        Thanks Dennis. I think my hands aren’t as strong as they were when I was younger. :) Maybe that’s why. Bought a different corkscrew that is supposed to be more amenable to 75 year old hands; we will see.

  • Bruce V. Benton

    Strain it through a bit of cheese cloth into your glass in order to keep the sediment out maybe?

    • PraesesZA

      In this case you’ll be using your sock. If you don’t have a corkscrew on you, what’s the chance you’ll have a cheese cloth?

      • mirabeauwine

        Socks are better. Adds to the aromas.

        • Bruce V. Benton

          LOL!! Ha Ha! :-)

  • David

    Does it work by banging it on the ground too or does the bottle have to be horizontal?

    • mirabeauwine

      Hi David – good question, but it needs to be horizontal as its the bubbles that form in the wine just behind the cork that forces the cork up and out. This is a far superior method to the toothbrush method. Have a great weekend. S

  • Ali vee


    • mirabeauwine


      • sarah

        you know when wine is corked??? well with a screw top do you have to say it has been screwed??

    • Vic

      LOL…Quit sitting on top of it, Humpty Dumpty ! :-)

  • JustMe51

    Hmm. I don’t have shoes like that…. will my boots work? Also does the angle of the bottle matter. i would prefer to use the floor, rather than the walls (or my neighbours will hear and come over to share my wine) so I can keep it all to myself.

    • Dan

      It does matter as this method relies on the inertia of the wine inside the bottle to push out the cork. If you hold the bottle upright you probably won’t get as much force against the cork due to gravity – though you may be able to do it with harder whacks you risk breaking the bottle.

  • Rustbukkit

    Awesome! Now tell me how to get this damn box of wine open. The tab is broken and I don’t have a knife or scissors. >8(

    • mirabeauwine

      Try a key

  • vaughan68

    Great trick, but do you have any tricks for when you have a corkscrew but no wine?

    • mirabeauwine

      LOL! That is a fate worse than a fate worse than death…

      • PigPen

        I like to think I’m cynical, but damn…you believe eternity will suck without wine? Quite deep actually, bravo. Though you may want to seek spiritual counseling.

        • CocoChanelDatingAPhishMonger

          Use Jesus.

          • Jesus

            loool looool

        • geeze

          That, pigpen, is what the majority of human lifeforms like to call.. A JOKE.

        • racer

          On the contrary, I look forward to perfect wine in heaven.

        • jmtsnprn

          Jesus didn’t turn wine into water

    • Alessandro Von Blizzard

      :D a great trick is to live in Italy and go to store! :D

    • meritageman

      That requires a miracle, not a trick.

      • Kombs

        these are all such ‘wine-person’ responses.

    • Ezinma

      Ha, I know a chap who can work this trick with just water…

    • Ernani

      Try that Jesus guy. He’s been told to be helpful on winelack issues.

      • Thora

        But where do you find HIM?

        • mirabeauwine


        • Sarah Boeckman

          Your local Catholic Parish. Just go in and ask the Priest to see Jesus.

          • Kate Poole

            Or ask the Catholic priest for the wine directly.

          • Trey Reeves

            You can usually find Jesus across from the Home Depot. Sometimes more than one.

          • jesus

            Well, I am not sure this is the right way

        • Joshua LeTrole

          He’s within, dear. :-)

    • marbell

      Attack wine owner with corkscrew. Retrieve wine.

      • velvetfawn

        If you’re without a corkscrew, use a shoe like the handy man in the video above.

    • Kaliman49

      That´s my problem.

    • Reed Callais

      Weed will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no weed!
      The Fabulous Freak Brothers

    • hahaha

      hahaha this is same as question that I got from my friend like “I’m gonna go watch movie with girlfriend. Can you recommend me good girlfriend?”

    • ApplesauceMan NomadicGardener

      It’s called water. The older vintages are sometimes better, but watch out for sediment!

    • Martin Hansen

      Call Jesus?

      • Joshua LeTrole


    • a child of truth

      Now that’s a good one!! Lmfao!!!

    • marreco

      Get some Water. Invite Jesus. Voilá!!

    • HammerDoc

      I don’t know . . . just watch where you sit. o_O

    • hachevi

      Look sexy and find someone to use your corkscrew with.

    • Justin

      Hear, Hear vaughan68 – that’s a position I’m constantly finding myself in – over to you Mirabeau…

    • NhaSing

      #LOL :)))

  • Laura Haggarty

    This is purely awesome. Sharing on FB so my daughter can see this (she works at a high-end wine bar in Lexington.) Thanks!

    • mirabeauwine

      Thanks! I just hope she doesn’t get in trouble if she tries this at her wine bar!

  • John Hannay

    Damned useful bit of info.

  • Juan

    No lie, I would have never ever thought of that…when I can not find my corkscrew, I end up turning to a screw and pliers…. I am going to have to try this out. At first before watching the clip, I assumed it was probably a crazy idea, but after watching it, it is actually a smart and wonderful tip to know. Thank you very much for that great tip.

  • victor

    Does it have to be a shoe? could it be a towel? Can it be a left or right shoe?

    • mirabeauwine

      Hi Victor. Definitely works with a left shoe, not sure whether it will work with a right shoe. I must try that… ;-)

      Should work with a towel or newspaper too. Stephen

  • Mary St. George

    I tried but it did not work for me – of course it could be me or the bottle of wine I chose :)

    • mirabeauwine

      Some corks are trickier than others to get out this way. Call me old fashioned, but I still prefer a corkscrew!

      Have a great weekend, Stephen

      • Mary St. George

        Thanks for the quick response – I must be old fashioned as well, I prefer a corkscrew as well.

  • Lisa Shiroff

    You are my hero! Thank you!

    • mirabeauwine


  • rick

    this would stir up all the sediment in the bottom of the wine bottle. sure, the cork is out, but many years of settling, storage and rotating is now down the drain

    • Winey

      This is only an issue with a much older bottle of wine…ten years or more. If someone saved a bottle that long I am sure they have a corkscrew. This tip is for the vast majority of wine sold and consumed on the same day or same week.

  • Cari

    Great. Going to have to try it just for fun.

  • Coco

    A party trick and crucial skill, all in one…

    • mirabeauwine

      Glad we could be of service! Have a great weekend

  • jm

    I dont like my wine shaken

  • malkia

    I used to open it by pushing the cork into the bottle using my finger. It works, but some people don’t like it (grossed), and also you have to drink the whole bottle :)

  • harperbass

    wish i’d seen this before i bought that $150 bottle of french absinthe

    • mirabeauwine


  • rose

    I’m in love…

    • mirabeauwine

      Is your name really Rosé? I could be in love too!

  • KathyinSanDiego

    Thank you, thank you!! My hero!

  • Steampunk Sweetheart

    ….If it’s a red with sediment, let it rest a while.

  • Kathi J

    Wonderful! I wish I had this a month ago when my corkscrew vanished and I had to beg a neighbor to open my wine.

  • DavidPylyp

    Now that’s a clever tip!

  • Jojo

    The disclaimer/warning message just below the video is the best!

    • mirabeauwine

      Thanks! We thought we should add something just in case…but try to make it a little funny. Have a great weekend. BR, Stephen

  • DianeR

    Does this work with stilettos?

    • mirabeauwine

      Hold on, I’ll just take mine off and try…

      Yes, I can report it does.

  • dark gimlet

    does this work with synthetic corks?

    • mirabeauwine

      Hi. I’m not sure as I’ve never tried it with a synthetic cork. In principle it should, but some of them can be very obstinate to get out, so I imagine with some difficulty…

    • mirabeauwine

      It should do, but some of them can be quite tricky to get out as they tend to ‘stick’ more. But the physics would suggest yes.

  • Peter Andrijeczko

    I just tried this because I had to test the science, it didn’t work for me on a 2009 French red wine – which we will regrettably have to polish off now! :-)

  • GuuciChanelFan

    Terrific!! Thank you you lovely guy. X

  • Solosoul

    Have to try it with 6 inch heels that she is wearing!!

  • Charles d

    As a Frenchman who loves his wine, I find this method both ingenious and charming. Well done sir, well done

  • Sylvia Shakespeare

    Clever I struggle more than that with a corkscrew!!!

  • Josh Giunta

    DON’T DO THIS!!!!!!! I know someone who did this…the shoe fell off mid swing and he smashed the bottle against the wall. It shattered, and glass become lodged in his wrist…he damaged his tendons and needed multiple surgeries, still has limited mobility of his hand. Sorry to rain on your parade, but this is a BAD idea!!

    • fgvcf

      fuckin moron, lol

    • mirabeauwine

      Josh – I suspect many people have been injured trying to open bottles of wine without corkscrews. Many use knives or penknives to try and push the cork into the bottle, which I would have though would be more dangerous than this. But I did put a caution in place so I would expect people to realise there is a risk to this method. Have a good weekend, Stephen

    • anyone101

      Indeed! Warning should include: Danger! if the shoe falls off, you will shatter the bottle and ruin your hand. Any rapid motion near impacted glass is very close to disaster, because no one can stop in time after the glass breaks. Wrapping the bottle in cloth might reduce the risk. A similar impact can be produced less dangerously with the bottle held horizontal on a table and hammered sideways with the heel of a shoe. (Check the heel for lodged pebbles.)
      |||||Video maker: you should test this and see, and, while testing it, MAKE A NEW VIDEO in case it works. You have some moral responsibility (and maybe legal liability) now for what happens to people who use the method you demonstrated.

      |||||Pointing the bottle down and hammering down onto the bottle bottom with the heel of a shoe might work even better, and on tougher corks, depending on why the horizontal method works on a full bottle. (So try this one too.) The hand holding the bottle is still at risk; a cloth holder might reduce the consequences of breakage.

      |||||The pounding will beat up the wine and mix in any sediment, but I guess that’s better than no wine.

      |||||The only other way I knew about was even more dangerous, John Wayning” it – smash off the neck and then pour from the cracked bottle. (I saw John Wayne open a whiskey bottle that way in a movie. I forget whether he poured it into his mouth or a glass. Using a glass gives a second chance to avoid drinking the crunchy razor-sharp shards.)

    • l nguyen

      Omg don’t sleep on beds! I know someone who slept in a bed and fell off the bed then went on to sustain brain damage due to the fall. He still has lilimited neurological function. Sorry to train on your parade but this is BAD idea. I also know someone who drives cars…

  • fatherbradley

    I’m sure; the wall could fall down.

  • Tami Clarke

    To think of all the times that this has happened to me and I was merely a wall and a few taps away from getting my drink on! Thanks for the tip! I KNOW that it will come in handy one day!

  • Jennifer Kerr-Viglasi

    Great tip! Hope it works with stilettos too ;-)!

  • Susan

    awesome!! i always pushed the cork in with a knife :) you are a hero!

  • Kildjya

    Dont forget to let the sediments fall back down prior to pouring/drinking…
    Why a wine drinker wouldnt have a corkscrew is beyond me… mine goes everywhere

  • Beckieboo

    It’s simple….. ‘I LOVE YOU ‘ :)

    • mirabeauwine

      [Stephen] blushes

  • Timothy S

    I have tried this myself, and do not find that it worked for me. The cork did not move at all.
    Perhaps the cork material (synthetic vs. natural cork) makes a difference, and the cork in this video is made of a more slippery material than the one on which I tried this technique.
    Or, perhaps it makes a difference if the cork fits rather loosely, as this one quite clearly seems to, judging from how easily he manually extracts it once it is half-protruding from the bottle. My experience of corks proves them to typically require a good bit more effort than this to pull them the rest of the way out using the hand.
    Hence, at best, YMMV.
    Anyone else out there actually try this technique, and have something to add?

    • Winelover

      Yep, Timothy…. was trying too… hours!!! Nothing moved… and then my hubby came and told me to just unscrew it! :D

      • mirabeauwine


  • Fate Cierro

    This is fantastic! I have a fabulous story of my ex-husband pushing the cork down inside a bottle with a butter knife just before he was to get in the jacuzzi with me. We were in a hotel room at the time and red wine came out like old faithful!! I was hysterical and he was covered in wine and angry as a bear! Red wine everywhere… ahhh good times! Thanks for this!! (the caution above is fantastic!!)

    • mirabeauwine

      I love that story! It would make a great video – fancy trying to re-enact it?! ;-)

  • Joey Owen

    I will love you forever!! Thanks!!

    • mirabeauwine

      Thanks Joey. Really glad you enjoyed it!

  • Steven Vincent

    I’m going to try this even thougn the house is full of corkscrews. Just because it needs to be done. But hmmm no brick wall. Wonder if a solid wood door jam will work?

  • Roy Haeger

    I thought for sure he was just gonna smash it on the wall.

  • Kenton Forshee

    So it’s perfectly okay to bruise an entire bottle full of wine by shaking it then…

  • running from the snow

    Looking forward to seeing this done in person. Will visit your vineyard in spring.

  • Tony Mena

    This is genius! Thank you.

  • Frank P Carpi

    Maybe it didn’t work for me because I used a sneaker, and a wooden wall, and on top of that it was a cheap bottle of wine with one of those synthetic “corks”.

  • Tennis Mom

    The internet is done, as far as I’m concerned. This tops them all! I could win a few bets with this trick, if I don’t brake the bottle! LOL!

    • mirabeauwine

      Thanks Tennis Mom You take care now (they can break sometimes)!

  • David Scott

    Wouldn’t that bruise the wine?

    • mirabeauwine

      Not really. It just sends lots of air bubbles around the wine but it should settle down after 5 minutes and be fine to drink. I wouldn’t recommend this for a really special bottle of wine though…

  • Jackie W

    Outstanding! Thank you so much for sharing!

    • mirabeauwine

      Pleasure – pleased you enjoyed it! Stephen

  • Jackie Wood


  • Elizabeth

    I am currently enjoying my first glass from the first bottle of wine i ever bought, trying new things can be fun.

    • mirabeauwine

      That’s great! What were you drinking and did you enjoy it?

  • carrie k

    I LOVE this!! I have a corkpop thing and I am so afraid to use it (afraid it will blow up in my hand (odd fear I know… but still)) This is much better!!..Do you think it would work with a slightly carbonated wine (not sure if carbonated is the correct term when speaking about wine, but you know what I mean, with bubbles!)??

    • mirabeauwine

      To be honest I wouldn’t try with a carbonated wine. In fact I’m not sure about the corkpop system either. But this is the best way I know if you’re stuck without a proper corkscrew! Thanks for your comment, Stephen

  • Dolly johnson

    Does pounding the wine bottle on a shoe improve the taste? This could be the next best thing to happen to wine in , well, hundreds of years. I’ll have my pounded, not arrogated thank you. ;) Genius advice, thank you.

    • mirabeauwine

      This is if you like your wine “shaken, not stirred”! Actually, whilst this won’t do the wine much harm, I wouldn’t recommend this for a really nice wine. But it’s fun for a trick. Stephen

  • Ac

    So this only works with a really nice bottle of wine?

    • mirabeauwine

      Erm, no. The physics applies to all wine sealed with a cork. But I suspect you know that.

  • A.L. Hern

    And now that the sediment in the wine has been churned into a chewy froth by your banging trick, you silly git, what are you going to do with what’s in the bottle — paint a wall with it?

  • Tempest

    Love this so much there are no words. Wonder if a ladies Louboutin will work just as well as a gentleman’s shoe.

    • mirabeauwine

      Thanks! Not sure about a Louboutin shoe – I’m curious to try….it might give my wine more sex appeal ;-)

  • RalfLippold

    This is just great :-) Love it!!!

    • mirabeauwine

      Thanks Ralf. Pleased you enjoyed it. Have a great weekend. Stephen

  • rickrock

    Does this method also work for screw tops?

    • mirabeauwine


  • Nobody

    I assume this has to be done against something vertical as opposed to ‘the floor’ for example?! Hence, the wall and tree method you mention.

    • mirabeauwine

      Correct – this need to be done against a vertical as the bottle needs to be horizontal…

  • Steph

    mind = blown!

  • stopwining

    no it wont fall down or shater , real man does it without a shoe btw…

  • Dave

    Ok true story; used a butter knife to push cork into bottle. Pressure cause red wine all over me I was laughing but upset. Then looked up and it was all over ceiling. Lololol looked like a crime scene. Took a while to clean.
    Life lesson learned. Where was this video! ;)

    • mirabeauwine

      That cracked me up Dave – esp. as I’ve done that many time too. But maybe not quite on the ceiling!
      Have a great weekend

    • Some Random Economist

      I’ve knocked corks in before as well, but I don’t remember ever losing that much wine.

      Getting the cork out of the bottle after it’s empty is another fun trick.

  • DrRenoir


  • Calafati

    …after this you have to calm down the wine for a minimum of 3-5 days, if its a an old and/or a great wine. What you think why youh have to wait at least 5 days after delivery (by postal service) to open a transported bottle??

  • sarah

    you know when wine has been corked…..with a screw top do you have to say it has been screwed?

  • Nancy W.

    Wow, I almost wish I hadn’t given up drinking. Does this work with women’s shoes too? But watch out for skinny heels in that rock wall!

  • Taziarae

    Years ago a friend did this at a party where we were, I was AMAZED!

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    Hubby bought new bottle opener that makes the cork explode out of the bottle. It terrifies me. I’m using the wall-shoe method tonight. Thanks for saving my nerves. Oh, and I wouldn’t think of pouring wine directly into a glass. My handy filter/aerator is a must.

  • Bre Anne

    wonderful. thks for sharing. now i can enjoy more often. :)

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    • BigWayne19

      ———— it’s essentially flavorless once it plates out onto the glass. there might be some slight degradation in mouthfeel, though . . .

  • mrgoog

    used this method on a cross country ski trip about 40 years ago. banged on the cabin wall till we finally got our reward. still the best bottle of inglenook (haha) that i’ve ever enjoyed. the journey is often better than the arrival.

    • mirabeauwine

      I couldn’t agree more!

  • Bill

    I was told to never shake wine is that a myth?

    • mirabeauwine

      Hi Bill. Certainly, no wine benefits from shaking, bit it wont do most wines mush harm either. Especially young wines that have no sediment. And these days, most wines are consumed well before they develop a sediment.

  • Hugh

    I’m guessing when you say ‘really nice bottle of wine’ we are talking about one of telcos finest. No one in there right mind would firstly, own a really nice bottle of wine without having the decency to own a cork screw and secondly, banging it against a wall would utterly ruin it, displacing all the sediment back into the wine” well done.

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    • mirabeauwine

      No! Please don’t try this with Champagne!

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      Nothing will ruin the flavor of a good Ripple faster than bouncing it around. Just bang the neck on something hard and pour the wine through a napkin to remove the broken glass. ;-)

      • John Morton

        Hmmm. Let me think about that for a minute. Drinking something that you have to strain the shards of broken glass from first. I’ll pass.

    • ND

      My wife handed me a bottle she had been working on with the corkscrew for 5 minutes already. I kept at it for a minute, looked like a synthetic cork. Then figured out she hadn’t noticed it was a screwtop and hadn’t bothered to take the decorative foil top off. Almost sliced my hand open screwing through the thick metal top.

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    • anyone101

      NOT HERE! Good luck.

    • mirabeauwine

      Funnily enough, Ebay is probably the best place. Otherwise an auction house.

  • Grenouille

    I’ve had many bottles of Chateau Neuf du Pape with sediment. Actually, I’ve had many bottles of terrible Chateau Neuf. But, last week, I opened one that was outstanding and it had no sediment. When you hit a good bottle and a good year, it’s a very nice wine.

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  • Steppenwolf68

    Yes, while still in University a one of the gang said he could open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew. He used the seme method, but without the shoe and stone wall. He banged the bottom of the bottle against a door jamb. At first it seemed it would work and the guy had a very happy look on his face.
    “Look, it’s coming!”
    And, then, bang! The whole bottle shattered into little peices of glass!
    Only good thing was that no one was hurt.
    …. but, what a waste!

    • judy

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  • joy13

    Chateauneuf-du-Pape, I mean.

  • Jérôme Gosselin

    I used to just push the cork into the bottle with my thumb. A little messy and somewhat hard on the thumb, but it works. I’ll definitely try this one the next time. thx btw

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  • Ryan

    I love science! Here’s what I think is happening: When the the bottle and shoe hit the wall, the wine, which was initially against the cork, continues to travel just a little bit more toward the wall because of inertia. This creates a vacuum (no air at all) between the wine and the cork. The pressure of what little air there is in the bottle slams the wine back against the cork, that pushes the cork out of the bottle just a little bit each time.

    • mirabeauwine

      Thanks for the technical description of the science behind the cork!

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  • anyone101

    I never thought of this one. The bottle can’t point down or up; it has to point sideways and hit sideways. It beats up the wine and mixes in any sediment, but I guess that’s better than no wine.
    The only other way I knew about was to “John Wayne” it – smash off the neck and then pour from the cracked bottle. (I saw John Wayne open a whiskey bottle that way in a movie. I forget whether he poured it into his mouth or a glass. Using a glass gives a second chance to avoid drinking the crunchy razor-sharp shards.)

  • anyone101

    I never thought of this one, with the bottle horizontal and crashing the bottom sideways into a wall using a shoe heel as a cushion. [Pointing the bottle down and hammering down onto the bottle bottom with the heel of a shoe might work better, depending on why his method works.] It beats up the wine and mixes in any sediment, but I guess that’s better than no wine.
    The only other way I knew about was to “John Wayne” it – smash off the neck and then pour from the cracked bottle. (I saw John Wayne open a whiskey bottle that way in a movie. I forget whether he poured it into his mouth or a glass. Using a glass gives a second chance to avoid drinking the crunchy razor-sharp shards.)

  • Toby

    Great! It works even without a wall: simply use your shoe as a hammer and batter slightly and patient the bottom of the bottle with your shoe’s heel for a while. Pay attention to hold the bottle properly. Cheers!

  • anyone101

    •The warning should include: Danger! if the shoe falls off, you will shatter the bottle and ruin your hand. Any rapid motion near impacted glass is very close to disaster, because no one can stop in time after the glass breaks. Wrapping the bottle in cloth might reduce the risk. A similar impact can be produced less dangerously with the bottle held horizontal on a table and hammered sideways with the heel of a shoe. (Check the heel for lodged pebbles.)
    •Video maker: you should test this alternative method to see and, while testing it, MAKE A NEW VIDEO in case it works. You have some moral responsibility (and maybe legal liability) now for what happens to people who use whatever method you demonstrate.
    •Pointing the bottle down and hammering down onto the bottle bottom with the heel of a shoe might work even better, and on tougher corks, depending on why the horizontal method works on a full bottle. (So try this one too.) The hand holding the bottle is still in danger; a cloth holder might reduce the consequences of breakage.
    •The pounding will beat up the wine and mix in any sediment, but I guess that’s better than no wine.
    •The only other way I knew about was even more dangerous, John Wayning” it – smash off the neck and then pour from the cracked bottle. (I saw John Wayne open a whiskey bottle that way in a movie. I forget whether he poured it into his mouth or a glass. Using a glass gives a second chance to avoid drinking the crunchy razor-sharp shards.)


      Are you posting the same warning on this video everyday? Give it up already. Just watch what your doing and be careful, it will be O.K..

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    • DyslexicAtheist

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    Thank you for the tip, and please, no disrespect to the wine or your wife.


  • mike

    Hi, i have a bottle of English Ditchling table wine medium 1985, which we bought when visiting the vinery, it has been stored very well, my question to you is, A. will this now be vinegar lol and, B, is it worth anything……………..or could you point me in the right direction so i could find out more, thankyou in advance……………..

    • mirabeauwine

      Open with extreme caution…!

  • Edoardo Roncone

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    Thanx for the nifty method.

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    • mirabeauwine

      Send a bottle of the Grange over, very happy to test this method for you ;-)

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  • Paul Healey

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    • mirabeauwine

      Hi Paul – thanks for the feedback Actually this is better for less expensive wines…and only if you don’t have a corkscrew to hand! Happy drinking. Stephen

  • Karen Ellis

    how does it work with my flip flops?

  • Matthew

    Does that shock upset the balance of the wine?

    • mirabeauwine

      It temporarily throws the wine a little, but give it 5-10 minutes and it’ll settle down. Most reds have no sediment but this is just for when you get stuck without a corkscrew!

  • Pedro

    I was taught this trick some years ago by a flatmate, and the very next day, while going down to catch a train at Covent Garden tube station, someone came up to me with a corked bottle of white and asked me to open it. As I started hammering the wall, using a scarf rather than a shoe, a sizeable crowd built up to watch, and hey presto, the cork popped out and applause was duly received. I’ll never know why I was the ‘chosen one’ right at that moment, but obviously Bacchus was up to some mischievous tricks at the time. Salud!

    • mirabeauwine

      Wow! From now on I shall call this ‘the Pedro method’! :0)

  • Blair Rowell

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  • Vice-Queen Maria

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  • Sheldon Stubbs

    Tried it & it does work! :)

    • mirabeauwine

      Great to hear. It seems it works best with natural corks and can be tricky (even hazardous) with plastic corks. Thanks for the comment. Stephen

  • Peter Handy

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    • mirabeauwine

      Cool! You did it and made $160! Excellent…

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    Just don’t try this with a vintaged bottle! The “mother” will cause the wine to be undrinkable until it settles. Then, who knows? O.K. on a $10 bottle though. I was only out of a corkscrew once, at a picnic. Picked the cork out with a knife and fork!

  • phideas

    I was out cross country skiing years ago, we had wine but no corkscrew, and my my buddy took his boot off and started hitting the bottle with it. It worked! We drank, all was good. Same idea I suppose….but it certainly took longer than it took in the video.

  • DustyMom

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  • musishn

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    • mirabeauwine

      No , I head about that afterwards. Do you have any idea which episode in which season? I’d love to see it! Thanks, Stephen

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    • mirabeauwine

      Splendid word! I’m pleased you enjoyed it

  • Barry Wauldron

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  • AustinNCR

    I have a dozen or two old Bordeaux (good quality) that are around 15-18 years old.

    Have 2 questions:

    1 – Do I need to be specific about the year and label to get advice
    on whether it is better to sell now or wait? The wine has been stored in
    a good wine cellar all the time so should be in excellent condition.

    2 – I am in Washington D.C. and not a wine professional, where is the best place to sell old Bordeaux at a market price?

    • mirabeauwine

      Hi – lucky you. You sure you don’t want to drink them?

      The value of the wine will depend on 3 factors: Chateaux, Year and Condition (i.e. have they been cellared properly).

      You can look here to get an idea of what they’re tasting like

      Wit regards to selling them, you might find eBay is the best. Otherwise you’ll need to find a local merchant or wine auction house.

      Good luck!


  • greg

    comments are made by people with open bottles

  • Idiot

    Wouldn’t it just be easier to buy a screw cap?

  • Crowden Satz

    Okay. After failing to get it to work with a synthetic corked bottle, I had success with a nice Sauvignon Blanc. The “trick” for me was slow and deliberate strokes. Tried 20 times with bang, bang, bang. Nothing. But then 10 more slow and deliberate and the cork came out, out, and finally really out (it zipped out all the way on its own). Luckily, only a few drops spilled. So … is it the bubbling within the bottle that’s causing it to work?

    • mirabeauwine

      The science behind it is a process called cavitation, which uses gas in the bottle to push out the cork.

      The bubble of air at the top of the bottle moves to the bottom as it gets accelerated backwards.

      The sudden strike of the bottle against the wall then causes the wine to compress the air bubble, which in turn creates an extremely low pressure next to the cork.

      This low pressure causes bubbles to form under the cork which collapse when the wine is forced away from the wall rapidly. causing the cork to pop out.

      • Crowden Satz

        I’m familiar with cavitation but am not seeing how it would produce a net pressure against the cork, in this case. Do you have a link to a more detailed explanation or, perhaps, might you be willing to reword your explanation with more precise terminology? Bottom/backwards/under the cork/ … aren’t completely clear without a diagram, especially as the bottle is horizontal during the action. “under” is unclear (does under in this case mean between the cork and wall or between the flat interior side of the cork that’s within the bottle) “wine is forced away from the wall rapidly” – (is this referring to bubble formation in the liquid at the bottle’s base) …
        It’s fascinating and I’d like to understand the physics completely!

        • mirabeauwine

          Hi – I’m afraid I can’t explain the physics in much more detail than that! Not my strength…

          • Crowden Satz

            Understood. I think I’ll be looking into it more closely. Do you recall where you first heard of it?

  • Xavier

    if you want to drink good wine start by NOT shaking the bottle before or for opening it !!!!!!!!!!! If the wine is bad, just break the bottle and don’t drink it anyway….

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    I enjoyed the video and hope to be able to nonchalantly do this in front of an audience one day. (Plan to practice with some house wines until I can do it reliably.) Also appreciate the witty repartee, particularly the line that a life without wine is a fate worse than death. Reminds me of the Will Roger’s quote, “If there are no dogs in heaven, I want to go where the dogs went. ” My husband and I go through what we call “Diet and Detox Month” in January to try to reverse some of the damage of the holidays. Every year we ask ourselves why we don’t do it in February, because it is a shorter month;). Cheers!

    • mirabeauwine

      I just tried my detox but only lasted a week.

      If you try this, it’s much easier with a natural cork. It can be tricky with plastic corks.

      Good luck in Feb!


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  • Troods Food

    Thank God for Stelvins! (invented 40 years ago and finally catching on :) )

    The Stelvin® concept, at the origin of the aluminium screw cap for wine, preserves the bouquet and flavours of the wine, which have been expertly developed by the wine maker. The bottle opens and recloses easily so that the bottle can be opened without the need for an opening tool and can be re-closed for later consumption.

  • Charly Shean

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    that work for bottled beer?

  • Stephen Burns

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    • mirabeauwine

      Glad you enjoyed it Robert. I wish you continued happy drinking. Don’t forget your corkscrew (or if you do, make sure you’re wearing shoes!). Stephen

  • Howard Bailey

    We used to push the cork in and then insert a length of halibut fishing line called gangen twine (long-lining leads) with a knot in the end. The knot would catch the the bottom of the cork and draw it out. It was impressive to see it done quickly but I like your way much better : )

    • mirabeauwine

      That still sounds pretty cool. Thanks for sharing. Stephen

  • Dids

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    I can say today… I learned something!

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    • mirabeauwine

      Great! So happy it worked for you. I think slightly older corks come out more easily than newer ones…



  • damienwalder

    The wall falling down seems more likely if you’ve had too much wine already.

  • Skip Rossi

    This technique is not to be used to get gunpowder out of a bullet.

  • Dan

    What if you have no shoes?

  • captain fun

    could try this with champagne when the cork is stuck, great result!

  • Ary Bruno

    What a great technique! Bravo, bravo! As a wine and picnic lover, my applause, Sir.

  • Elaine

    That is absolutely brilliant. I had often used a stiletto heal from my shoe to poke the cork screw down into the bottle. Can’t believe how much time I wasted doing that! And you’re method is so easy! Thanks for sharing.

    • mirabeauwine

      Thanks for the feedback…although the stiletto heel method sounds kinda cooler!


  • barbie

    This is one of the greatest things that I have seen!!! No more pieces of chipped away corkscrew in our wine.

  • WineGuy

    Works pretty well as long as there’s no sediment in the bottle. If there is, well, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do…It’s better than no wine at all.

  • Binh

    Bullshit…tried but nothing happend…has anyone made it?

  • Cheryl

    I don’t know about anyone else but I know that I would never drink anything that came from my husband’s shoe.

  • Stevo

    What if you don’t wear shoes? There’s goes my life as a hippy wine drinker who can’t afford a corkscrew! :-)

  • Bugalugs

    Does the wine have to be more expensive than the shoe such that you still win if your shoe is wrecked ? Maybe it would be a good idea to use someone elses shoe.

  • K Anne McGee

    Hi, Sure don’t understand seemingly many nasty remarks here??? Dah… Anyway… THIS IS TERRIFIC!!!

  • bozhound

    this has been a public service announcement for all wineo’s from the winemakers of Mirabeau drink responsibley

  • ugh

    i knew the jesus fags would come and ruin this post

  • Cindy Lee Talisman

    no way!! I’ve gotta try this

  • travelady

    We looked forward to trying this out with friends last night. Gathered up the wine and shoe, all headed outside to the solid wall……… drum roll……… No one could make it work. It seemed any man’s shoe we could come up with is too cushioned, and women’s are too small for a wine bottle. Very disappointed, we headed in a got out the trusty wine opener, and we soon left our disappointment behind.

  • Laurna Tallman

    Brilliant! Whether or not I run out of corkscrews I will remember this trick with pleasure.

  • Laloo

    Putting the bottle in ur shoe the wine that u r going to drink, gives a bad tastel

  • John Lipp

    I just “twist”!