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Ageing potential for the wines of Burgundy

Ever since my first boss in the wine business told me that Burgundy produces the best wines in the world, I’ve been looking to understand this complex region. 

Kendall talks to Stephen from Mirabeau about cellaring wine

When should I cellar a wine, for how long (and what if I don’t have cellar!)?

You do not need a cellar in order to start collecting wine and in fact most wine is made to be drunk young. Here Stephen talks to TV journalist and wine blogger Kendall Harris (Wine2Three) about the types of wine for cellaring and how to get started. You needn’t spend a fortune to start collecting […]

Gavin on Bordeaux Overview copy

A quick overview of the Bordeaux wine region with Gavin Quinney

In this series of videos, Gavin Quinney (the English owner of Chateau Bauduc) discusses wines and winemaking in Bordeaux. He here gives us a brief overview of the wines and regions of Bordeaux.


Wine as an investment

Peter Lunzer is very well qualified to discuss wine as an investment and here he touches on the subject and surprisingly it is not only for those with immense wealth…anyone can buy wine as an investment and it needn’t be that complicated either.


Lafite and Coke anyone?

Peter Lunzer explains one of the reasons that prices of Chateau Lafite have rise so sharply in recent years.


Richard Wiesener on his wine collection

Richard and Diney Wiesener have become good friends since we moved to Provence in 2009. Richard has the most wonderful cellar and even though he is depleting his stock in preparation for a move, he still has some amazing wines here.