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Harvest time – so how do we know when the grapes are ready to be picked?

It may seem pretty obvious, but in fact a great deal of care needs to be taken to ensure the grapes are ripe for the particular wine you plan to make. We started our harvest this year in early September, as the first of our grapes became fully ripe. So, what exactly is ripeness in grapes […]


Olive harvesting with the family in Provence

As is often the way in Provence, friends and family get roped in to help with harvesting crops, be they grapes or in this case olives. Here we all get stuck in at a friends property down the road at Canadel. They have around 1,000 trees and you can imagine, it takes some time to […]


Machine harvesting grapes in Provence

We harvest our grapes between 3am and 11am so that we can benefit from the cool of the night. We also get to see some lovely views of dawn breaking over the hills of Provence. In this film we show an efficient a modern machine harvester in action in the vineyards around the village of Pourcieux.

2011 Sunset

Harvesting 2011 Mirabeau

We’re about halfway through our 2011 harvesting now and it’s looking to be a pretty good year for rosé. We’re harvesting a little earlier last year due to the very warm Spring and early flowering and so far, so good! And this year for the first time I got to ride on the top of […]

Green harvesting

‘Green harvesting’, trellising and effeuillage with Gavin Quinney

In this series of videos, Gavin Quinney (the English owner of Chateau Bauduc) discusses wines and winemaking in Bordeaux. Here Gavins discusses ‘green harvesting’, why he ‘de-leafs’ his vines (effeuillage is a far prettier word) and how and why he trellises the vines.


Harvesting olives and making olive oil

Stephen films olive trees being harvested at a friends house in Villecroze and then he goes to a wonderful old olive press in the beautiful village of Tourtour.


Harvesting grapes by hand

Here we see the traditional, age-old method of picking grapes by hand. So many modern vineyards are switching to machine harvesting, but with 40 year old bush-vines like these, machine harvesting is just not an option. As you will see, it is extremely labour intensive and so very expensive.


Machine harvesting at night

With increasingly delicate and efficient machines, more and more vineyards are turning to harvesting during the cool of the night, something that is difficult to when having to organise teams of pickers (and lighting).


Machine harvesting

Here you can see how the machine harvester works so efficiently up and down the vines. You will also see the ‘before and after’ photos that show how efficient these machines are at shaking off the ripe grapes.


How a machine harvester works

Charles Simpson from Domaine Sainte Rose explains how modern machine harvesters work.