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Stephen & George

About Mirabeau – The short film version

We recently made this short video explaining how we swapped-out our lives in London in order to make wine in Provence. We also discuss how we go about making our award-winning wines and how we try to share this beautiful part of the world.

Stephen serves up a glass of Mirabeau rose at Wines of Provence tent

Mirabeau on show at the Foodies Festival at Hampton Court

Wines of Provence kindly invited us to attend the Foodies Festival recently and it was a huge amount of fun. And given that it rained the whole week prior to the event and started again on the Tuesday after it finished, I’d say we got really rather lucky with the weather too!

Kings Head-4

Wheel turns full circle – Mirabeau in The Kings Head, Teddington

When we signed up with Matthew Clark Limited (the largest drinks supplier to the UK on-trade) earlier this year, in the most bizzarest (and happiest) of coincidences, the first on-trade premise in the entire UK to list our Mirabeau turns out to be my old local in Teddington (south-west London)! How funny is that?!


Mirabeau wins a Silver Medal at prestigious Sommelier Wine Awards

THE TOP STORIES OF 2013: OLD WORLD DOMINATION, THE RISE OF FORGOTTEN EUROPE AND CHARDONNAY’S REVIVAL… It’s the on-trade’s answer to the Oscars – and finally the wait is over, with the results finally in for the Sommelier Wine Awards (SWA) 2013. And Mirabeau is one of the winners!

French entree

French Entrée rates Mirabeau

Specialist wine merchant and sommelier Colin Bell reviewed a range of wines from Provence for French Entrée magazine. French Entrée magazine caters for all Francophiles interests whether it’s magical holiday destinations, property tips or learning about the lifestyle, culture and history of the magnificent country. Written in English, this entertaining and insightful magazine features real life […]

Jeany at CIVP Stand

Mirabeau at one of the largest wine fairs in Europe

I have often visited the large European trade shows, but was a little reluctant to take Mirabeau to the massive Prowein trade fair in Düsseldorf. After all we are trying to do things differently at Mirabeau and Prowein seemed to be doing just the same as all the other wine producers – standing behind a […]

Little black book

My little black book (and how Mirabeau started)

I always believed in the notion articulated so well by the great Mark Twain: “Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.” But subscribing to such a philosophy is the easy bit. Doing something about your own life is much more challenging.


What it’s all about

Stephen explains his ambitions to make a fine Provençal Rosé wine and how he will be calling on many experts and specialists to help him achieve his ambitious goal.


Mirabeau at The Ivy

Ok, so it’s not on as a regular listing (yet) but it was poured at The Ivy at an event attended by many of the great and the good of the British food industry (Warburtons, Ellis Kitchen, Abel & Cole, United Biscuits, Weetabix etc) as well as Mark Price (CEO of Waitrose) and it seemed […]


Barrel making and toast with Justin Howard-Sneyd

Justin Howard-Sneyd is the Global Wine Director at Britain’s largest wine company, Laithwaites. Prior to that he was head wine buyer at Waitrose. He is a Master of Wine and winemaker and here he talks about how barrels are made and how different degrees of ‘toastiness’ can impart interesting flavours into wine.


The importance of terroir in Maury, Rousillon with Justin Howard-Sneyd

Justin Howard-Sneyd MW talks about how the unique terroir of Maury imparts special flavours into the wine.


Thoughts before first UK sales trip

Stephen heads home to pack before setting off on his first trip to talk to professional buyers about Mirabeau Provence Rosé. What he doesn’t tell you is that he’s actually incredibly nervous!


Preparing unfiltered rosé for tasting

Here you can see the simple task of preparing samples for blending. Typically the wines will be filtered just prior to bottling.


How it all got started

Many moons ago, I decided to take a gap year and travel to Australia to stay with my Grandmother in Sydney. During that time, I worked at various odd jobs in order to raise enough money to travel around the vast country. One of the last trips I did before heading back to the UK […]


The Mirabeau Trademark

Relief for Stephen as he learns that the Mirabeau name has been officially granted a Trade mark. Phew!


Update on label and website

Stephen has news on the Mirabeau label and his website.

Screen shot 2011-02-06 at 23.08.33

Breaking News – New record set for price of a bottle of wine

Three bottles of Chateau Lafite’s 1869 vintage each sold for a record price of $230,000 at a recent Sothebys auction in Hong Kong. Ouch!


Feeling the pressure

Stephen feels the pressure whilst on a trip to the UK…


Wine as an investment

Peter Lunzer is very well qualified to discuss wine as an investment and here he touches on the subject and surprisingly it is not only for those with immense wealth…anyone can buy wine as an investment and it needn’t be that complicated either.


Lafite and Coke anyone?

Peter Lunzer explains one of the reasons that prices of Chateau Lafite have rise so sharply in recent years.