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Olive Oil Provence Mirabeau

The amazing Olive Mill in Cuers

I have long harboured a desire to understand more about olive oil and olive related products. Olive trees are such a beautiful feature of our landscape and the product should really be delicious coming from this sun soaked place with its fertile red earth.

Cake Orloff

Cake Orloff with raclette cheese, zuccini and black olives.

A staple of French bistro cuisine, this savory cake is quick to make but very versatile and is a good way to feed unexpected hungry lunch guests with whatever you find in your fridge. I have altered the traditional recipe to make it healthier as I find it unnecessarily heavy on butter and white flour.

Base of olive tree-2

The devastating frost of 1956

People still talk about the frost of 1956. Whilst only a few locals can claim they witnessed the devastating temperatures first hand, the catastrophic consequences of that February night can be clearly seen today.


Olive harvesting with the family in Provence

As is often the way in Provence, friends and family get roped in to help with harvesting crops, be they grapes or in this case olives. Here we all get stuck in at a friends property down the road at Canadel. They have around 1,000 trees and you can imagine, it takes some time to […]


Harvesting olives and making olive oil

Stephen films olive trees being harvested at a friends house in Villecroze and then he goes to a wonderful old olive press in the beautiful village of Tourtour.