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Tain l"Hermitage

Ploughing a vineyard by horse

One of the more unusual developments in winemaking has been the re-introduction of ploughing by horse. The horses work a busy seven to eight hours a day and it typically takes 18 hours to plough a single hectare of vines; two trips are made for a full row of vines, so that each side of […]

Water shoots

Removing Spring water shoots

The mechanical solution to vine rubbing (ébourgeonnage) in an organic vineyard is explained here by James from Domaine Begude. Water shoots develop from the old parts of the vine and do not usually produce grapes. They also tend to compact the vine and prevent proper sunlight penetration and air flow. Although water shoots can be […]


Weeding in an organic vineyard

Domaine Begude’s vineyards are treated organically (i.e. without the use of any chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides) and here we see the décavonailleuse (mechanical weeder) in operation, keeping the weeds at bay.


Sustainable viticulture in winemaking

Angela talks about various types of more sustainable viticulture (i.e. growing vines). Here she discusses organic and biodynamic as well as other variations on a theme.