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Jo Ahearne MW tasting MBC 2013

Jo Ahearne MW tastes Mirabeau Rosé 2013

2013 was the second extremely challenging year in a row, with heavy rains during flowering season meaning pollination and fertilisation was severely impeded, causing many flowers not to be fertilised.

Nathan Nolan explains wines of Provence

Provence wine explained in 60 seconds.

I caught up with the irrepressible Nathan Nolan at the Foodies Festival at Hampton Court recently. I asked him to try and explain the region of Provence in 60 seconds, and I reckon he did a pretty good job!


Harvest time – so how do we know when the grapes are ready to be picked?

It may seem pretty obvious, but in fact a great deal of care needs to be taken to ensure the grapes are ripe for the particular wine you plan to make. We started our harvest this year in early September, as the first of our grapes became fully ripe. So, what exactly is ripeness in grapes […]

Mirabeau 2011

Angela Muir MW on Mirabeau 2011

Stephen asks Angela to describe the new 2011 vintage of Mirabeau Rosé, just before bottling.

2011 Sunset

Harvesting 2011 Mirabeau

We’re about halfway through our 2011 harvesting now and it’s looking to be a pretty good year for rosé. We’re harvesting a little earlier last year due to the very warm Spring and early flowering and so far, so good! And this year for the first time I got to ride on the top of […]

Mirabeau 2010

Creating a brand in 60 seconds

Turning any product from anonymity to a recognised brand has challenged marketeers for years. Here, Stephen demonstrates how it can be achieved using the right vehicle to carry the message.

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The correct wine glass for Mirabeau – Riedel

Matt Knight from Riedel sugests the best wine glass from which to drink Mirabeau rosé. And here’s what wine guru Robert Parker says of Riedel: “The finest glasses for both technical and hedonistic purposes are those made by Riedel. The effect of these glasses on fine wine is profound. I cannot emphasise enough what a […]


Tasting the new vintage from Provence

This annual event is a really fantastic opportunity to taste hundreds of Cotes de Provence wines from the new 2010 vintage. It is a great chance to check out the competition and to note the huge variations in styles from across the region due to differences in individual terroir, ages of vines, winemaking etc.


How we make Provence Rosé

Stephen enlists a little help from some small people to demonstrate how we make Mirabeau Provence rosé wine.


Checking out the competition

Provence has around 600 producers making rosé and it is very important for me to understand the standards and styles from across the region.


Introduction to the Mirabeau story

Stephen explains his ambitions to make a fine Provençal Rosé wine and how he will be calling on many experts and specialists to help him achieve his ambitious goal.