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Green harvesting

‘Green harvesting’, trellising and effeuillage with Gavin Quinney

In this series of videos, Gavin Quinney (the English owner of Chateau Bauduc) discusses wines and winemaking in Bordeaux. Here Gavins discusses ‘green harvesting’, why he ‘de-leafs’ his vines (effeuillage is a far prettier word) and how and why he trellises the vines.

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High-speed de-budding (ébourgeonnage).

In order to keep the quality of wine high (and to comply with the AOC), these vineyards are obliged to achieve certain maximum yields (i.e. how many grapes each vine can produce) and so each year the vines have to undergo de-budding. This also has the additional positive effect of spacing out the growth so […]

Water shoots

Removing Spring water shoots

The mechanical solution to vine rubbing (ébourgeonnage) in an organic vineyard is explained here by James from Domaine Begude. Water shoots develop from the old parts of the vine and do not usually produce grapes. They also tend to compact the vine and prevent proper sunlight penetration and air flow. Although water shoots can be […]

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Fancy rubbing 120,000 vines?

Our old friend ‘vitis vinifera’ is a vigorous plant and it will do it’s utmost to sprout new buds each year with the aim to grow and flourish. But winemakers need to keep the vine under control and this is one of the activities required each Spring to focus the new growth where it is […]