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WineStars World Competition Shanghai

The Chinese wine market

Developing new export markets for Mirabeau is vital for us and so when I noticed a wine trade fair taking place in Shanghai, and given that it was the week following another big exhibition in Hong Kong, I thought I’d better attend it. But as a small family business we don’t have the luxury of […]

Stephen and Matthew Clark

Mirabeau listed by largest UK on-trade distributor, Matthew Clark

Last year a wine producer friend of Stephen’s suggested he contact a company called Matthew Clark. This year, Matthew Clark is listing Mirabeau as their only Côtes de Provence producer and this is a truly exciting opportunity for us to break into the hotel and restaurant business in the UK.

Jeany at CIVP Stand

Mirabeau at one of the largest wine fairs in Europe

I have often visited the large European trade shows, but was a little reluctant to take Mirabeau to the massive Prowein trade fair in Düsseldorf. After all we are trying to do things differently at Mirabeau and Prowein seemed to be doing just the same as all the other wine producers – standing behind a […]


Mirabeau, Moustaches and Manhattan

As I write this I’m a long way from home, sitting in my room on the 28th floor of a hotel in mid-town Manhattan. I hadn’t realized the extent to which I’ve become accustomed to the quiet idyll of rural life in Provence until yesterday, when I was on the shuttle-bus from La Guardia airport […]

Stephen on selling wine

The toughest part of the wine business – the selling

There are three Vs in wine: viticulture (growing the grapes), vinification (making the wine) and vente (selling it!). Stephen explains one of the aspects of his job which he finds the toughest…getting on the phone and selling!

Stephen in Vancouver

Stephen and Mirabeau in Vancouver, BC Canada

Stephen gives us some feedback after his visit to the BC Liquor Board in Vancouver to try and sell Mirabeau to the Canadians.


US Trip Summary & the 3 Tier System

Stephen gives a 60 second summary of his US trip, where he hopes to break into the market with Mirabeau. He also briefly explains the 3-tier system of the US, which makes selling there particularly challenging.

SC Waitrose July26

Is Mirabeau cutting the mustard with Waitrose?

It’s quite early to be discussing a re-listing of Mirabeau for next year already, but as I was in the UK and as the buyer was available for a meeting, I thought I would use the opportunity to see how Waitrose perceives the performance of Mirabeau to date and to try gauge whether we stand […]

Stephen musing

Mirabeau Motorway Musings

Stephen returns from a busy trip to the UK and feels the need to explain what he’s trying to achieve with his next steps for Mirabeau. He does drone on a bit, so this is really only for those with a keen interest in Mirabeau’s progress!


1st meeting with Waitrose

I met with Nick Room the rosé wine buyer at Waitrose and we had a very positive meeting. I think that Mirabeau and Waitrose would be a great match as we both have a focus on quality and value. So now I need to get some samples into Nick to show him just how great […]


Buyers in the UK ready to try Mirabeau!

Stephen now has three buyers in the UK who have agreed to try Mirabeau. All very exciting!


Thoughts before first UK sales trip

Stephen heads home to pack before setting off on his first trip to talk to professional buyers about Mirabeau Provence Rosé. What he doesn’t tell you is that he’s actually incredibly nervous!