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Little black book

My little black book (and how Mirabeau started)

I always believed in the notion articulated so well by the great Mark Twain: “Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.” But subscribing to such a philosophy is the easy bit. Doing something about your own life is much more challenging.

Mirabeau en Provence bottling line label photo

Our new vintage of Mirabeau 2012 Rosé being bottled

The bottling line we use for Mirabeau meets the highest quality standards. It is certified BRC 6th version (A level) and IFS (higher level). With so many potential problems with bottling we wanted to use the best facility in the region. It’s a critical stage in the winemaking process and we want to ensure that Mirabeau reaches you in […]

Kendall and Stephen discussing wine closures

Stephen talks to Kendall Harris about wine closures

“We can put a man on the moon but we haven’t yet worked out how to close a bottle of wine properly” sums it up. The jury is still out on this subject, even though we’ve been making wine for thousands of years. Here Stephen talks to TV journalist and wine blogger Kendall Harris (Wine2Three) […]


Great examples of high quality red wines in screwcap

The best way to seal a bottle of wine continues to be one of the hottest (and most contentious) topics in the wine industry. Experts are generally in agreement that screwcaps are the best closures for rosé and most white wines, but the Australians are taking it further and using it on their most expensive […]

Screen shot 2011-05-09 at 20.59.35

Capsules arrive (in the right colour at last)!

Having had to wait an agonising 8 weeks to sort out a new supplier and get delivery, we finally received the capsules in the right colour today. We also transported the wine from the winery to the bottling line and we are all ready to go for the bottling on Thursday (6am start!). Yipee!


Screw-caps wrong colour!

Our first bottling run has to be postponed due to the screw-caps arriving in the wrong colour. They are gold with grey writing instead of in grey with gold writing. And we had ordered 30,000 of them. And it’s still raining. Stephen feels rather glum today. Not sure who quickly this can be fixed.


Neil Tully MW on Wine Closures

Stephen likes to ask as many experts about this subject and interestingly, they all give the same answer.


Screw-cap vs Cork

Angela Muir MW answers my stock question about what type of closure I should use for Mirabeau rosé.


Charles Simpson on Wine Closures

Charles Simpson gives me very clear advice on the type of closure he thinks I should use for my Mirabeau Rosé, the options being traditional natural cork, synthetic cork or screw-cap.


Rosé down the drain – quel dommage!

A rather gutted Stephen throws away this wonderful gift – a magnum of rosé – yet another victim of cork taint. Very sad.