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Kendall talks to Stephen from Mirabeau about cellaring wine

When should I cellar a wine, for how long (and what if I don’t have cellar!)?

You do not need a cellar in order to start collecting wine and in fact most wine is made to be drunk young. Here Stephen talks to TV journalist and wine blogger Kendall Harris (Wine2Three) about the types of wine for cellaring and how to get started. You needn’t spend a fortune to start collecting […]


Harvest time – so how do we know when the grapes are ready to be picked?

It may seem pretty obvious, but in fact a great deal of care needs to be taken to ensure the grapes are ripe for the particular wine you plan to make. We started our harvest this year in early September, as the first of our grapes became fully ripe. So, what exactly is ripeness in grapes […]


Tomato ketchup and how people taste food and wine differently

Tim Hanni is a professionally-trained chef and a Master of Wine. He has been involved with wine and food education and research for over thirty-five years and has a unique perspective on food and wine. Here Stephen asks Tim his opinion on why his son always covers his food with ketchup. This is a fascinating […]

Gavin on tannins copy

The importance of ripe tannins with Gavin Quinney

In this series of videos, Gavin Quinney (the English owner of Chateau Bauduc) discusses wines and winemaking in Bordeaux. Here he explains the importance of making sure that the tannins in the grapes are actually ripe.

Ronan Sayburn MS

An Introduction to Red Wine with Ronan Sayburn MS

In this video Ronan shows how to taste a red wine, including what to look for in the colour, understanding more about the age of a red wine, and the different sensations you get from tasting it. Ronan is one of only 180 Master Sommelier’s in the world. He is currently the Director of Wines and […]


How is wine made

Award winning SA winemaker Miles Mossop from Tokara Wine Estate in Stellenbosch explains in less than a minute how wine is made. Just in case you’ve ever wondered!


Resurgence of rosé

Angela Muir MW gives her view on why rosé wines are becoming more popular around the world.