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Kendall and Stephen discussing wine closures

Stephen talks to Kendall Harris about wine closures

“We can put a man on the moon but we haven’t yet worked out how to close a bottle of wine properly” sums it up. The jury is still out on this subject, even though we’ve been making wine for thousands of years. Here Stephen talks to TV journalist and wine blogger Kendall Harris (Wine2Three) […]

Minerality question

Tim Hanni MW on terroir and minerality in wine

Tim Hanni is a professionally-trained chef and a Master of Wine. He has been involved with wine and food education and research for over thirty-five years and has a unique perspective on food and wine. Here Stephen asks him his views on terroir and minerality in wine. This was anything but a typical reply.


Screw-cap vs Cork

Angela Muir MW answers my stock question about what type of closure I should use for Mirabeau rosé.


Wine faults

There are several conditions that may effect some wines other than cork taint. Here Angela discusses what they are and how to spot them.


Charles Simpson on Wine Closures

Charles Simpson gives me very clear advice on the type of closure he thinks I should use for my Mirabeau Rosé, the options being traditional natural cork, synthetic cork or screw-cap.


Rosé down the drain – quel dommage!

A rather gutted Stephen throws away this wonderful gift – a magnum of rosé – yet another victim of cork taint. Very sad.