Before we made our first bottle of wine we decided to capture all the major milestones on film. So whether it’s the story of how Mirabeau came into being or us trying to demystify the world of wine, these short videos will hopefully entertain, educate and open up the world of wine (and maybe raise a few smiles along the way).

Always looking at ways to make life a little easier and more fun, here we use a variation on the shoe method - using a Gandys flip-flop (a.k.a. zōri,
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Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 20.22.46

Et voilà again: How to open a bottle of wine with a flip-flop.

2013 was the second extremely challenging year in a row, with heavy rains during flowering season meaning pollination and fertilisation was severely
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Jo Ahearne MW tasting MBC 2013

Jo Ahearne MW tastes Mirabeau Rosé 2013

I hope this might be one of the most valuable post we've ever done. So many wines can taste better after proper aeration and it's always worth experim
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Decanting wine with an iPad

Pouring wine with an iPad (and other tricks)

As truffle hunting dogs now outnumber the pigs here in Provence, this film shows a gladiatorial battle between two of the fiercest truffle hunters in
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Provence Truffle Hunters: Pig vs Dog

Provence Truffle Hunters: Dog versus Pig

Have you ever been in the situation where you'd like to open a bottle of wine but you can't get hold of a corkscrew for love nor money? Well I have
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How to get the cork out of a bottle of wine without a corkscrew.

How to open a bottle of wine – without a corkscrew

We recently made this short video explaining how we swapped-out our lives in London in order to make wine in Provence. We also discuss how we go about
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Stephen & George

About Mirabeau – The short film version

The wines of Burgundy can be somewhat paradoxical. On the one hand, this wonderful wine region should be fairly easy to understand. After all, there a
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Pierre-Henry Gagey

The wines of Burgundy – where should I start?

The wines of Burgundy and Chablis don't (generally) state the name of the grape on the label and because of this many people don't realise that the wh
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Chardonnay and Burgundy.

The top white wines from Burgundy are by reputation the finest white wines on the planet. And you know what, they are all 100% chardonnay. In this sho
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louis jadot meursault

The top white wines from Burgundy

The Hospices de Beaune charity auction been arranged annually since 1851, taking place on the third Sunday in November amid a three-day festival devot
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carla-bruni hsopices de beaune

The origins on the famous Hospices de Beaune wine auction

Terroir is a term often hear in the wine world and none more so that when describing the differences between the many different wines of Burgundy. Her
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Terroir Explained

'Mineralilty' is a word often used to describe certain characteristics of a wine's flavour - but what does it mean? Here the President of Maison Louis
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Pierre-Henry Gagey

Minerality Explained

Pierre-Henry Gagey, president of Maison Louis Jadot, explains the origins of this first class Burgundy producer. Maison Louis Jadot was founded by
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Louis Jadot2

The origins of Maison Louis Jadot

Oak has been used to ferment and age wine in centuries, but these days wine producers use it very selectively. Here, Pierre-Henry Gagey from Louis Jad
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The use of oak to age wine in Burgundy

Ever since my first boss in the wine business told me that Burgundy produces the best wines in the world, I've been looking to understand this complex
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old bottles

Ageing potential for the wines of Burgundy

The answer to this question is not as obvious as it may seem, but here is the Chairman of one of the largest Burgundy houses answering that very quest
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Should Burgundian wines be decanted?