Demystifying Wine

There can be an awful lot of pretence and snobbery surrounding wine, but there shouldn’t be.  Wine should be enjoyed with great food, friends and family.  But if you’re keen to learn more about wine, these videos are meant for you.

Always looking at ways to make life a little easier and more fun, here we use a variation on the shoe method - using a Gandys flip-flop (a.k.a. zōri,
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Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 20.22.46

Et voilà again: How to open a bottle of wine with a flip-flop.

I hope this might be one of the most valuable post we've ever done. So many wines can taste better after proper aeration and it's always worth experim
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Decanting wine with an iPad

Pouring wine with an iPad (and other tricks)

The wines of Burgundy can be somewhat paradoxical. On the one hand, this wonderful wine region should be fairly easy to understand. After all, there a
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Pierre-Henry Gagey

The wines of Burgundy – where should I start?

The top white wines from Burgundy are by reputation the finest white wines on the planet. And you know what, they are all 100% chardonnay. In this sho
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louis jadot meursault

The top white wines from Burgundy

Terroir is a term often hear in the wine world and none more so that when describing the differences between the many different wines of Burgundy. Her
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Terroir Explained

'Mineralilty' is a word often used to describe certain characteristics of a wine's flavour - but what does it mean? Here the President of Maison Louis
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Pierre-Henry Gagey

Minerality Explained

Oak has been used to ferment and age wine in centuries, but these days wine producers use it very selectively. Here, Pierre-Henry Gagey from Louis Jad
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The use of oak to age wine in Burgundy

Ever since my first boss in the wine business told me that Burgundy produces the best wines in the world, I've been looking to understand this complex
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old bottles

Ageing potential for the wines of Burgundy

In essence, Burgundy should be a fairly simple wine region to understand - after all, its only got one red grape (Pinot Noir) and one white (Chardonna
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cellars at jadot

Demystifying the wines of Burgundy

Louis Jadot is one of the best known houses in Burgundy and in this short film its Chairman, Pierre-Henry Gagey, explains the origins and history of t
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chevalier montrachet

An Overview of Burgundy

Pinot Noir is arguably the grape that produces the finest wines in the world and Burgundy is it's natural home. But with more and more regions in the
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pinot noir

Pinot Noir and the New World – a Burgundian’s perspective.

Over the years the role of wine growers and négociants in Burgundy have become increasingly linked as Pierre-Henry Gagey, president of Maison Louis J
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jadot cellars

Maison Louis Jadot, grower and négociant combined.

Lucy Stevenson from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust explains that wine courses start with WSET Level 1 - which requires no prior knowledge in wi
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1-Lucy from WSET on Wine Courses for consumers

Wine courses for non-wine people.

I've seen many people pontificate about this phenomenon known as 'legs'  but it doesn't really say as much about a wine as they may lead us to believ
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Angela Muir MW explains what ‘wine legs’ actually mean

One of the more unusual developments in winemaking has been the re-introduction of ploughing by horse. The horses work a busy seven to eight hours a d
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Tain l"Hermitage

Ploughing a vineyard by horse

The best way to seal a bottle of wine continues to be one of the hottest (and most contentious) topics in the wine industry. Experts are generally in
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Great examples of high quality red wines in screwcap