Our Story

Stephen had been in the corporate world for 15 years and in August 2008 turned down a promotion that would have meant more money but also more stress, longer hours and less time with his young family. For many years we had been dreaming and talking about moving to France to make our own wine, but the moment never seemed quite right to make the big leap.

Soon after, a good redundancy offer seemed the perfect opportunity to turn the dream into reality and after selling our beloved house, we left the leafy suburbs of south-west London in August 2009. Our worldly possessions were packed up on the back of a truck and with barely a word of French between us, we headed south to a small village called Cotignac, in the heart of Provence.

We spent a year getting our bearings, learning to live the provençal way and criss-crossing the country researching and finding the best vineyards to work with. The next step was setting up a small wine business with the principle objective of making a Provence rosé that would be regarded as one of the very best from the region, while building a brand that people would grow to love. In order to achieve this aim, we put together a highly experienced winemaking team and we threw our heart and soul into the brand and innovative communications with our customers. Mirabeau is now being sold in more than 50 markets and we’ve won medals and earned acclaim from some of the world’s toughest wine critics, but what really makes us happiest is that our wines are an integral part of people having a great time together.

Working with the best growers

Our Philosophy

Provence leads the world in producing dry, gastronomic rosé wines and though the region may boast 300 days of sunshine every year, there can be dramatic vintage variations across this large and geographically diverse wine producing area.

In order to produce a quality and style that is consistently excellent year after year, our winemaking philosophy is to search out and work with some of the best vineyards in Provence. During the past 7 years since our first vintage we have developed relationships with some of the best growers in the region, covering over 2,000 hectares (5,000 acres) of prime Côtes de Provence vineyards and giving us access to fantastic fruit from different locations.

Our lead winemaker Nathalie Longefay was born into a winemaking family in Beaujolais but moved south in 2006 to specialise in the wines of Provence, and in particular rosé. Having studied Viticulture-Œnologie in Toulouse and subsequently worked in Australia and around France, she is now considered to be one of the best at her craft. Nathalie has relentless focus and an obsessive attention to detail, but also a very good understanding of what people are actually looking for in a great rosé. She helps us keep an eye on all aspects of winemaking from grape to glass, and is constantly looking for improvements, no matter how small.

A world class, thirst-quenching wine

Our Team

When we first came to Provence, Mirabeau consisted only of Team Cronk, with the occasional outsourced project and a lot of favours called in from good friends. We set ourselves the goal of working with people who were excellent in their own field, who could live with a lot of items on their to-do list and deal with the unpredictability that is often in the nature of our business.

On top of that we wanted everyone at Mirabeau to share our long-term goals and believe in our future nearly as much as we do. Most importantly we’re looking for a good and creative mix of people as we passionately believe that the output of a good team is greater than the sum of its parts.

We are very fortunate to have found so many amazing people within our adopted surroundings, as well as some really good long-term partners to work on the website and creative side of the business. What’s even better is that we all like each other’s company, enjoy sharing a good joke and generally have a lot of fun working together. Here’s an individual introduction to all the regulars: