Domaine Mirabeau

2019 is the 10th anniversary since we sold our house in London and moved to Provence with the idea of creating an exciting wine brand. We are delighted that our award-winning wines are now selling in 50 countries and our dream of buying a beautiful wine estate has been realised.

Located 5km from historic La Garde-Freinet and in the commune du Golfe de Saint-Tropez, the domaine is a little over an hour from Nice airport and an hour-and-a-quarter from Marseille and therefore ideally situated for international travel but also providing many local activities and typical Provençal destinations.

Sheltered by the Maures mountain range and national parks, the 24.7 hectare estate includes 14.7 hectares of vines (principally grenache, cinsault and rolle) and enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot summers, bright sunlight and a prevailing easterly wind. Unlike the rest of the region which is dominated by low, soft-leaved ‘garrigue’ scrubland, this part of Provence is noticeably different with evergreen ‘maquis’ scrubland and stony terrain formed from pink sandstone and sandy soils.