Chardonnay and Burgundy

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The wines of Burgundy and Chablis don’t (generally) state the name of the grape on the label and because of this many people don’t realise that the whites are 100% chardonnay. So why is it that there is really no comparison between a chardonnay from, say, California or Australia and their Burgundian cousins? Here the President of Maison Louis Jadot, Pierre-Henry Gagey explains.

Maison Louis Jadot was founded by Louis Henry Denis Jadot in 1859 and is a family wine company that produces and markets Burgundy wine. It operates both its own vineyards and also buys grapes from many growers. It controls 270 hectares (670 acres) of vineyards in Burgundy (including Beaujolais Crus) and produces only AOC wines.

In 1985 the company was sold to the family of Rudy Kopf, who also own Kobrand, Jadot’s US importer.

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Stephen Cronk
The author: Stephen Cronk

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