High-speed de-budding (ébourgeonnage).


In order to keep the quality of wine high (and to comply with the AOC), these vineyards are obliged to achieve certain maximum yields (i.e. how many grapes each vine can produce) and so each year the vines have to undergo de-budding. This also has the additional positive effect of spacing out the growth so that each of the bunches of grapes gets better exposure to sunlight.

Stephen Cronk
The author: Stephen Cronk

I became captivated with the world of wine whilst on a visit to the Barossa Valley during my gap year in Australia. I went on to join a London wine merchant and studied wine for several years before starting my own wine business at 24. I sold the business aged 30 and went into Telecoms for 15 years, during which time I began cooking up the plan to create Mirabeau.

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