How wine barrels are made

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Have you every stopped to wonder how an oak barrel is made, how the wood is cut, shaped and held together? Well I was lucky enough to spend a fascinating morning filming at the Cadus ‘tonnellierie’ (cooperage) in Beaune – the heart of Burgundy.

The use of oak plays a significant role in winemaking and can have a profound effect on the resulting wine, affecting the colour, flavour, tannin profile and texture of the wine. Oak can come into contact with wine in the form of a barrel during the fermentation or ageing periods and whilst it is used primarily for red wines, it can also be used for whites and even some rosés.

Stephen Cronk
The author: Stephen Cronk

I became captivated with the world of wine whilst on a visit to the Barossa Valley during my gap year in Australia. I went on to join a London wine merchant and studied wine for several years before starting my own wine business at 24. I sold the business aged 30 and went into Telecoms for 15 years, during which time I began cooking up the plan to create Mirabeau.

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