Lavender Harvest in Valensole

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The Lavender harvest happened here in Provence just a few weeks ago. We were on our way to the Gorge du Verdon and took a detour through the lavender fields near the village of Valensole. As luck would have it we stumbled upon a harvester in action. Being a video addict I couldn’t resist an attempt to capture it on film.

I had grand ideas in my head that it would be hand picked by dozens of individuals and horse drawn carts being loaded with bundles of lavender. Sadly those days are over and everything is (and needs to be) a lot more automated.

It’s lovely seeing the vast purple fields stretching to the horizon and I was left pondering what happens to the harvest from here.


Marcel Koning
The author: Marcel Koning

Marcel Koning and his wife moved to Provence in 2014, trading a comfortable life in the Netherlands for a new French adventure (view their travel blog at Tours and Marcel happily helps out with the administration and logistics, DIY and heavy lifting where needed. When he's able to catch a moment with Stephen and Jeany, they make fun wine videos for Youtube.

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