#MirabeauMoment: Jim, Tahnee and a Pure Balthazar

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Holiday makers often get swept up in the moment, making bold promises to themselves and to others. So when Jim told me last summer that he wanted to buy a large format 12L bottle of Pure I took it with a pinch of salt. However, in January this year he contacted us to enquire about the large format bottles. Not only did he still want it, but he wanted to use it as a reason to lure his girlfriend to Cotignac to “pop the question” for her hand in marriage.

He also asked us for suggestions on fun ways of doing so. We brainstormed a lot of possibilities, and plotted a plan with Patricia, a botanical artist who also offers B&B accommodation in her beautiful Provençal home. Mirabeau would send the couple on a treasure hunt using an antique compass, to find the ‘shade of the cliff’ where Jim and Tahnee would discover a treasure chest that was just as old. Inside was a map with a walking route to Patricia’s olive grove.

I was waiting for the couple at Patricia’s place, and tried to park the RoséRover so that Tahnee wouldn’t get suspicious of the beautifully-decorated table in olive grove. The size of the bottle did the trick, distracting and surprising them both. Jim had sent his thoughtful proposal in advance, which we’d turned into a beautiful neck tag, with olives on the front depicting this special day, painted by Patricia.

As Jim read his words to Tahnee, she still had no idea. Then it dawned on her. She was totally surprised! And thrilled. And said a resounding, “YES!!!”

Patricia and Sean served an alfresco 3-course lunch, with our La Folie pink bubbles and of course, a normal sized bottle of Pure. I left them to their special moment, in very capable hands, and went back to get their photos ready. As they had flown to Provence we’ll be holding onto the Balthazar until they bring their car down in the summer. It’s so exciting, and very romantic.

Jim and Tahnee, merci beaucoup for including Mirabeau in your special moment. We wish you all the very best, as you get your marriage preparations underway.

The author: Victoria Koning

Victoria enjoys travel, writing, photography and has oodles of IT experience. Born in Cape Town, she worked in Johannesburg, lived in the Netherlands and now calls Cotignac home (see Tours and Tales.com). Inspired by "following a dream" Victoria loves sharing the Mirabeau story and fab wines. Having Dutch as a second language is surprisingly useful.

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