NEWS RELEASE: Pacific Highway Wines appointed as sole importer for the USA

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Pacific Highway WinesWe are delighted to announce the appointment of Pacific Highway Wines as our sole importer for the USA. As strategic distribution partners, Pacific Highway will help Mirabeau build and manage a comprehensive sales and marketing program targeted across an impressive wholesale network.

Pacific Highway Wine & Spirits is owned by two prominent wine families – the Oatley family of Australia and the Giesen family of New Zealand. The group focus is on family brands and compelling regional projects, fine wine stories, and great value offerings.

Fly by night brands don’t interest us at all. Pacific Highway Wines & Spirits only partners with real people who have real stories and outstanding fine wines and craft spirits. Brands with authenticity and longevity – that’s what we look for in our portfolio.” ~ Mark Giordano, President

Sharing fine wine stories and viticultural projects from around the world really excites me….equally important is ensuring that all of our offerings at Pacific Highway are poised for success in the US market. The right offering, the right timing, the right price, undeniable quality and an authentic place and purpose – that’s what we look for in our portfolio.” — Angela Slade, VP Brand Strategy & Communications

This partnership is very exciting as we hope to increase our reach across the pond, as more wine lovers discover just how delicious and versatile our pale pinks from Provence are. Feel free to learn more about Pacific Highway Wine and read their Press Release (dd 05 January). If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Stephen Cronk
The author: Stephen Cronk

I became captivated with the world of wine whilst on a visit to the Barossa Valley during my gap year in Australia. I went on to join a London wine merchant and studied wine for several years before starting my own wine business at 24. I sold the business aged 30 and went into Telecoms for 15 years, during which time I began cooking up the plan to create Mirabeau.