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Cosmopolitan describes someone sophisticated, cultured and well-travelled. Well these beautiful, and blissfully refreshing Rosé-mopolitans will transport you to the endless sunshine of Provence with every sip! They’re fantastic if you want to ‘shake things up’ a bit at a dinner party or just to enjoy your rosé in a different, delicious fashion by the pool. The red fruit aromas of Mirabeau Classic rosé work perfectly with the cranberry juice to compliment that delicious rosé taste!

For 1 cocktail:
50ml Mirabeau Classic Rosé
25ml Vodka
50ml Cranberry Juice
1/2 Lime
1 Lemon


  • Rosé-mopolitans are shaken so you are going to need a cocktail shaker (they come in all shapes and sizes but any style will do).
  • Firstly, gather the glasses you will be serving your Rosé-mopolitans in, a coupe style glass is best but wine glasses will do otherwise. If its a hot day, I would chill your glasses by filling them with crushed ice while you make the cocktail.
  • Next, using a jigger, measure out into the shaker your vodka, cranberry juice and of course, your Mirabeau Classic rosé (the rosé could be upped to 75ml if you want a stronger rosé taste).
  • Cut the lime in half and give it a good squeeze into the shaker (half a lime will do for 3 drinks). Finally, take a large handful of ice and pop them in. Close up the shaker, making sure you keep a hand over the top and bottom so you don’t cover your guests, and give it a good shake for about 10 shakes. It’s always fun to give everyone a go especially after the first few cocktails have already been drained!
  • Discard the crushed ice from your coupes and strain out the contents from your shaker through a sieve to catch any little bits of ice or lime.
  • To garnish, cut a thin slice of lemon peel, firmly twist it over your delicious Rosé-mopolitan to spray those zesty juices over the glass, drop it in et voilà!
  • You can make several at one time by multiplying the quantities and putting it all in the same shaker – this will save you a lot of time.
Charlie Bullen
The author: Charlie Bullen

Charlie lived in Cotignac a while, and is currently the ‘stagiaire’ at Mirabeau, while studying French and Italian at the University of Bath. He is very passionate about wine, especially Mirabeau’s rosés and all that they stand for. Often lending his young eye to aspects of Mirabeau life he is a useful hand in the marketing department, while always reminding us of his 1 minute commute! His other passions are sport, music, family and friends. Using his past experience from cocktail bartending Charlie likes to experiment by whipping up some delicious rosé cocktails for us, just to make provençal life that little bit sweeter.

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