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Restoring the interior of a four-hundred-year-old building takes time, delicate handling and long hours. Plastering of the vaulted ceilings and walls was done by a true craftsman, reviving the building with more than a casual nod to keeping the original structure and character of the building intact. And with great success.

Of course, many hours of cleaning and painting has taken place especially since the building has been uninhabited for years. During this time it was interesting to see Stephen with paint brush in hand and the next minute take a call from New York from a wine supplier. Which serves to show that everyone has been hard at work doing all the small detail work that adds up to such a long list. No job too small.

The 400+ year-old building has had an interesting history, and has even been a garage repairing cars, which must have been quite a contrast, and possibly also an awkward existence next to the restaurants on the tree-lined boulevard. It has stood abandoned at the lower end of the Cours Gambetta for at least ten years, so an injection of life was welcomed by all. With a little tribute to its workshop past, we also installed the lovely old Citroen into the boardroom. As you do.

We were all greatly surprised when the original openings for old, stone wine vats were discovered while digging down in a section of the building. The old wooden shutters at head height from street level then also revealed their purpose in being the entrance for wheelbarrows full of grapes which were then deposited into the three ‘cuves’ (large vat or tank) for maceration and hence winemaking.

So the old building has returned to its ‘roots’, as it were. It has been divided into three sections for storing and making wine, a boardroom and an administrative area with a wine store for tasting the wine and tucking a few bottles under your arm for a mid afternoon siesta as the sun bakes down on the surrounding vineyards.

So when you’re in the area you’re more than welcome to come and visit the Mirabeau headquarters for a chat about the history of the village and of course the wine…

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Marcel Koning
The author: Marcel Koning

Marcel Koning and his wife moved to Provence in 2014, trading a comfortable life in the Netherlands for a new French adventure (view their travel blog at Tours and Marcel happily helps out with the administration and logistics, DIY and heavy lifting where needed. When he's able to catch a moment with Stephen and Jeany, they make fun wine videos for Youtube.

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