The home of Mirabeau is open!

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About a month late and just in time for the arrival of the “real” season in Cotignac the Mirabeau showroom is ready to open it’s doors.  The age of the building and the many discoveries, both good and bad, during the building process meant that we took much longer to get there than planned.  But we hope that the result has justified the wait!  When you visit Mirabeau you will now enter a bright space with some of my favourite products around wine and art de la table on display, best of all most of them are locally produced and exclusive to us.

The tasting bar stays in the cool cave behind the boutique and will be open for those of you who get the chance to visit our typical provençal village with it’s inviting village square set below the troglodyte cliffs.  We have a very friendly and knowledgeable team with us this summer to serve you efficiently and in plenty of languages- on most days you will find Dutch, German, Spanish as well as French and English spoken. Please come and stop in at the home of Mirabeau if you’re visiting Provence, in the meantime here are some impressions from the showroom and some of our favourite products.  A bientôt we hope!

Jeany Cronk
The author: Jeany Cronk

Jeany Cronk, foremost wife and mother of three Cronklets, lends an ear to endless wine conundrums contemplated by her other-half and works on the Mirabeau look and feel. Her big passions are interior design, the French way of life and of course the inspirational flavours and food of Provence.

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