Wine tasting to celebrate friends turning 70

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Fellow villagers, John and Margaret, wanted to do something special for their friends visiting Cotignac from Australia.

You see, five people in their group share their big birthdays, give or take a month or two. Every decade they gather together somewhere around the world to celebrate.

As Stephen and Jeany were out of town, I was delighted to meet them at the boutique with our lovely Belle for an hour of comradeship, Provence wine and good laughs. They were also delighted to discover that our wines will be on Dan Murphy’s shelves very soon.

Thanks so much for having Mirabeau part of your special celebration!

The author: Victoria Koning

Victoria enjoys travel, writing, photography and has oodles of IT experience. Born in Cape Town, she worked in Johannesburg, lived in the Netherlands and now calls Cotignac home (see Tours and Inspired by "following a dream" Victoria loves sharing the Mirabeau story and fab wines. Having Dutch as a second language is surprisingly useful.

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